A playful brand identity for a newly formed creative studio solving old problems with modern techniques.

Visual Identity System
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WorkGroup is founded by two of New Zealand’s leading image-makers and animators Tom Crampin & Nick Shackleton, bringing together a depth of skill and craftsmanship covering 3D imagery, motion, photography installation, sound design and videography.

The WorkGroup identity is an exercise in designing for feel. The pair of motifs reference the two founder’s unmistakable personalities - complimentary counterpoints to one another. Inspired by historic duos such as Daft Punk, yin and yang, noughts and crosses, Mario and Luigi - they can be whatever they need to be or whatever you choose to see. The only intention of the identity is to capture the decidedly technical skillset these two creative talents bring to the table and the playful nature in which they deliver their work.

The brand film showcases some of the incredibly engaging work they can create: produced, crafted, animated and scored by themselves. Expanding on the brand identity through motion - the motifs are stretched, inflated, multiplied, deconstructed and remade to create a freakishly beautiful digital mash-up of imagery.


Tom Crampin
Nick Shackleton


Jeremy Hooper

Web Design

Isaac Laughton

Web Development



Mori by Pangram Pangram

Recent Work

A distinct refinement of the Vollē Golf brand, capturing the essence of innovation and performance.

An immersive digital art experience, guiding passengers through check-in and beyond.