Unused concepts, explorations, animation tests and unfinished letterforms; a space for creative experimentation and process documentation.

Electric Mountain Bike Concept for Ōkiwi Bay Recreational Trust

WorkGroup x Sony Trinitron

Concept E-Sport livery for Nakatomi Play: Game Development division. Though this output never made it into the world, it proved to be a unique application of the brand.

New brand and packaging for Vollē Golf – full case study coming soon.

Congratulations to photographer Holly Sarah Burgess on the launch of her new brand and website, designed by Kirsty Dawn.

WIP 'Gimmie'

Porter James Sports 'Sounds for Living'

'Sounds for Living' Tracklist

Vollē Golf Ball – Robot Performance Testing

Exploration 'Diamond Link'

Type WIP 'Play'

Type WIP 'Play' Circular

Pattern Test 'Stagger'

Glyph Exploration w/ Gladeye Digital