Air New Zealand – 'Passage'

An immersive digital art experience, guiding passengers through check-in and beyond.

Concept & Storytelling
Experience Design
Digital Art

Located within Air New Zealand’s Premium Check-in area at Auckland Airport, ‘Passage’ is displayed on a gigantic 12m wide LED screen wall. The artwork reflects the journey of passengers across timezones through serene vapour trails casting light throughout the space. The vapours multiply and echo to create feather-like formations referencing Aotearoa’s native bird life. Sweeping across the screen like stage curtains, breathing from left to right, the vapours guide passengers from check-in to the spaces beyond. The work is accompanied by an original audio track produced by WorkGroup. The ethereal track is played throughout the space, stretching over 30 minutes in length and incorporates native bird songs recorded in New Zealand bush.

Spatial Design


Screen Installation


Sound Design



David Morgan - The Experior Project

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