We work with local and international brands to create dynamic visual identities and motion graphics that are bold, thoughtful and engaging.

A distinct refinement of the Vollē Golf brand, capturing the essence of innovation and performance.

An immersive digital art experience, guiding passengers through check-in and beyond.

An expansive visual identity and wayfinding system for the newly founded Trust.

Motion graphics and digital art for Air New Zealand's 2023 Tūhono Awards.

Packaging and campaign imagery for a biodegradable golf tee made of up-cycled coffee grounds.

A playful brand identity for a newly formed creative studio solving old problems with modern techniques.

A new monogram and brand identity for Auckland's premier waterfront precinct.

A playful hand-lettered monogram to coincide with the fashion brand’s new collection.

Visualising the essence of spring through digital abstraction.

Brand and packaging design for New Zealand’s first premium golf ball.

A kinetic brand identity shaped by percussion and rhythm to inspire the next generation of musicians.

Brand identity & packaging design for one of the UK’s most popular ranges of CBD and wellness products.

A kinetic visual identity and bespoke typeface for Australia’s leading technology innovation company.