Vollē Golf

Brand and packaging design for New Zealand’s first premium golf ball.

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A disruptive brand and packaging design for New Zealand’s first direct-to-consumer golf ball. Aotearoa based start-up Vollē Golf is shaking the golf industry up with a combination of high-performance products, eye-catching packaging and a truly kiwi approach to innovation.

The name Vollē (pronounced ‘vo-lee’) was adapted from the French words ‘vol’ or ‘volé’ meaning to fly or take flight. The brand logotype was developed to capture a sense of flight and speed (two key elements of golf performance) through its construction. The primary ‘V’ letterform is inspired by Hermes’ winged helmet (the Greek god of speed) - creating a sense of motion and direction when placed on the golf ball itself as a shorthand brand motif. The accompanying letterforms follow the same aesthetic cues to form a distinctive wordmark, projecting a dynamic sense of flight.

Vollē’s unique packaging has been carefully crafted by Think Packaging to produce a Dozen box which can be detached to form two 6 ball boxes - perfect for keeping in the golf bag during the next round. The gussets at the front of each box have been placed to prevent the balls from rolling out on first opening. The hinge creates space for hidden brand messaging and a sense of reveal for new customers. The result is a truly distinctive package reflecting Vollē's fresh approach to the golf industry.

Vollē's ball markers were also redesigned to add a unique visual reference when on-course. The Vollē Colour Dot System introduces a new take on golf ball numbering, allowing you to choose your own visual identity for every round. Each dozen pack features 3 x each of Green, Red, Blue & Yellow dots.

Vollē Golf’s two premium golf balls (Origin & Atlas) feature distinctive colour coded packaging across the range of dozen, six packs and three ball sleeves.

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