Air New Zealand – Tūhono Awards

Motion graphics and digital art for Air New Zealand's 2023 Tūhono Awards.

Motion Design & Animation
Sound Production
Print Collateral Assets

An artistic interpretation of the Air New Zealand Tūhono Award, a circular trophy awarded to Air New Zealand suppliers who produce work to an exceptional standard.

A suite of motion graphics were produced for the 2023 Tūhono Award ceremony, featuring as the backdrop to the award presentation throughout the night. Static versions featured in print material, marketing and winner certificates.

Above: Tūhono Award Plan & Side Elevation – The central piece of the Tūhono Award is designed to move in a circular fashion from it's anchor point. The general form and movement of the award informs the behaviour of the motion graphics, which are cast in Air New Zealand's iconic hues of deep violet.

Air New Zealand Sans (Söhne) & Newzald

Klim Type Foundry

Recent Work

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