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Nakatomi is a team of specialists and innovators whose skill sets span four different areas of expertise: Strategy, Product Development, Game Development & Experience Design. Nakatomi are capable of real change; from designing and fabricating ground-breaking new products, improving healthcare through technology, to creating unforgettable experiences for charitable causes. The Nakatomi identity is a distinctly digital-first brand projecting a cinematic and dynamic feel through perpetual motion. The graphic expression of linework speaks to the fluid nature of a project’s timeline; from concept, through development to its final resolution/completion.

‘Nakatomi Display’ was created to provide a distinctive typographic element which each department could use as a core logotype. Each letterform is created at an identical width and height in capital form, monospaced to project a technical aesthetic. Vertical bars are noticeably thicker than their horizontal counterparts, often featuring 45 degree cutaways – producing a feeling of balance and architectural structure. The angled nature of each letterform reflects the brand’s graphic expression – designed to act as a frame for motion.



Ben Bray
Andy Timms

Web Development

Matthew Nicoll

Studio Photography

Kirsty Dawn


Nakatomi Display

Field of Play


Klim Type Foundry

Recent Work

Porter James Sports

A playful hand-lettered monogram to coincide with the fashion brand’s new collection.

Wild Bloom

Visualising the essence of spring through digital abstraction.